what is dolomite used for in agriculture

8 AGRICULTURAL MANAGEMENT- what is dolomite used for in agriculture ,Many standard management practices used on mineral soils are also applicable to organic soils so they are not discussed in detail Emphasis is placed on all aspects of agricultural management specific to conditions prevailing in organic soils , recovery and large quantities of calcium, and in the case of dolomite application also magnesium, may interfere with the absorption of potassium by the plantsUses of limestone and dolomite19 59 according to major us TABLE 1 - LIMESTONE AND DOLOMITE SOLD OR USED BY PRODUCERS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 1959 (90) Use Thousands Value of thousands of short tons dollars Average price per ton Agriculture

agricultural lime vs dolomite - Container or s and gardens, agricultural lime and dolomitic lime Agricultural , Dolomitic lime is made from dolomite, a type of rock very similar to limestone except it also contains magnesium

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